Customer-driven digital transformation

It’s never been more important to create a compelling customer experience. Customers demand curated experiences, seamless interaction and immediate satisfaction. With more information than ever at their fingertips, they also have more control of when, where and how they interact with brands.

What does it take to win over these empowered customers—so financial providers can drive engagement and develop new sources of enterprise growth, particularly in a disruptive era of hyper-relevance in which products and services evolve in real time to adapt to customer needs and preferences?

A transformational change is needed to stay relevant in a digital economy without boundaries. Becoming a Living Business helps our clients create deeply personalized experiences, so they become hyper-relevant for customers across all channels.

Living Businesses are companies that unlock sustained growth by continuously adapting to evolving customer needs to achieve hyper-relevance.

Customer Insight & Growth capabilities

Our offers drive enterprise value by helping financial services providers with their growth agenda, improving their customer engagement and optimizing their cost to serve.

Disruptive growth

Make a wise pivot to new business models that tap new revenue pools.

  • Move to “LifeNeed” narratives; empower ecosystems; launch digital attackers to service new markets.
  • Use intelligent analytics to acquire, retain and service customers.
  • Build capabilities to interact with customers at the right time, on the right channel, with the right message.

Customer experience industrialization

Improve customer engagement using the newest technologies to ensure the best customer experience across the entire customer journey:

  • Deploy new, AI and data powered interactions with customers, such as Applied Customer Engagement (ACE).
  • Pivot to in-the-cloud customer engagement platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Phygital transformation

Improve cost to serve by optimizing the omnichannel distribution models and preparing the salesforce for the future.

  • Optimize the balance between physical and digital (“phygital”) channels.
  • Transform and optimize the physical network.
  • Redesign branches and branch experiences.

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Discover the patterns in personality

What do consumers most want from their banking and insurance providers? According to our 2019 Global Financial Services Consumer Study, they value integrated propositions and tailored offerings designed to meet their core needs. They like seamless integration across channels. And they want all of it to be trustworthy. The best news? More than three in four consumers are willing to share their data in return for these personalized services.

Our survey identified values and preferences among financial consumers. We sought to understand what brings varying consumers together, and what sets them apart, for example, banking and insurance consumers have many interests in common—but their views vary significantly based on how they value offers and services. We identified, based on a cluster analysis of their viewpoints, four distinct personas.


Accenture Global Financial Services Consumer Study 2019

Accenture's latest research surveyed 47,000 customers to uncover the consumer trends affecting banks and insurers today. See more.

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Showcasing innovation in banking and insurance

The Efma-Accenture Innovation Awards recognizes and showcases the best innovations in banking and insurance. Winners are judged by their peers, with a rigorous, independent process ensuring the credibility of the awards.

The Efma-Accenture banking innovation awards

This program drives innovation, encouraging financial institutions to develop disruptive strategies to propel banking into the future. Learn more.

The Efma-Accenture innovation in insurance awards

This program has been a catalyst for innovation in insurance. It rewards the best new ideas and practices transforming the industry. Learn more.

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